+South Wedge Abbey Project (SWAP)

redwallOur attempt at a spiritual version of Crossfit, participants commit to a 90 day period of intentional personal discipline, including a brief order of morning and evening prayer, check-ins with a small group, experimenting with a personalized prayer practice, and regular meetings with a spiritual director or pastor.  Each participant receives a journal in which to write, to track progress and promote self-awareness and practices of examining conscience.  

+Matins n’ Patins

11130_598631806820698_1058519293_nMaking space for quiet contemplation and communal prayer is a vital part of our communal rhythm together. We gather at 7:30am each Thursday and observe a short service of morning prayer from the book “Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

After prayer, we often head over to Pat’s Coffee Mug (627 S. Clinton Ave) for the best cheap breakfast in Rochester, as well as great conversation and hang out time.  

+Worship and Community at St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality

sponsor 2Once a month Pr Matthew leads worship at St. Joe’s, our neighborhood Catholic Worker house.  During the cold season, we also hang out there regularly to spend time with our neighbors and share meals and conversation together.  We’re currently exploring how to provide overflow shelter at the Mission as well.    

+Supper Liturgy

227741_578961365454409_606331280_nOnce a month, we integrate liturgy with a shared potluck dinner.  These services are less formal, and include a discussion rather than a sermon.  We generally hold them on the Third Sunday of each month at the Mission, but keep up with updates to see if details change.

+Art and Parables

67061_617720228245189_997490099_nWe love stories, and we love creating, and the parables of Jesus provide a perfect opportunity to explore our experiences in community through creative worship.  A local artist, musician, writer, etc is invited to tell their own story, and then guides the community through an extended Open Space time.  Previous guests include folk singer Hieronymous Bogs, street photographer Arleen Hodge, and musician Saby Davis, Jr.  Check the Calendar for upcoming offerings! 

+Summer Sci-Fi Screen Series

Dr. Who. Firefly. Star Trek. We think Christianity and Science Fiction go hand in hand. Join us for our upcoming ResurTREKtion! series this summer 2016.

+Children’s Ministry – Kids and Justice at SWM

SWM Kids Justice Poster

Forming Kids for Justice: Regardless of faith or creed, humans thrive when they live compassionately. Using collaborative art projects, creative engagement with beloved childrens’ books, and relationship-building in community, kids will be nurtured in the knowledge and practice of service so that social justice becomes second nature.

Accessible and Open to All: Each class is stand-alone, and occurs during the Mission’s regular Sunday liturgy. Parents are welcome to drop-off, come to class with the kids, or attend worship if desired. While rooted in the rich prophetic tradition of catholic social teaching, no commitment to Christianity is required to participate.

*Curriculum is adapted from the Maryknoll Missioners’ free online course for children on the foundations of Catholic social teaching.