Mindful Vespers

Mindful Vespers:
Interspiritual Practice at the Intersection of Music and Mindfulness

Wednesdays – 8pm EST
Zoom, Facebook Live and In Person(coming soon)

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Weds May 5th, 8pm – Guest Practitioner Kristina Berger

From Greg: “Have you watched modern dance and thought “I have no idea what is going on here?” What would be the ideal head/heart/body space in which to take in a dance piece? How do we tap into our kinesthetic empathy? What is a liminal space?

As a part of Mindful Vespers, my midweek practice at the intersection of music and mindfulness, I’m getting together with the amazing Kristina Berger to create a unique performance experience where we focus on the part that YOU play in your experience of art. How does your attention and awareness become a co-creator of an artistic moment?”

A new inter-practice offering at SWM, co-curated by Greg Woodsbie (dance accompanist, SUNY Brockport) and Pr Matthew Nickoloff, Mindful Vespers seeks to create space to explore the intersections of music, meditation and mindfulness in community.

Drawing on a variety of traditions, both religious and secular, as well as on the insights of neuroscience and the unique perspectives of the practice and enjoyment of music, each week will seek to both provide an actual time of practice, as well as build a stronger scaffolding for understanding.

Some weeks will feature guest musicians and teachers, and after each practice we’ll host a 30 minute time of conversation and connection.

If you’re interested in participating, or have a suggestion for a guest practitioner, contact matthew@southwedgemission.org