Autumn Series: “Learning to Read the Bible: Old Testament”


AUTUMN SERIES: “Learning the Read the Bible: Old Testament”
11390009_10100504694504972_5274711880261945691_nSWM strives to be a “School for Life,” a place where we are always engaged in the life-long process of learning: learning to be with God, learning to be with each other, and learning to be in the world.

This Autumn, we’ll turn our attention to “Learning to Read the Bible,” specifically, the Old Testament, sometimes referred to as the Hebrew Scriptures.  We’ll use the Narrative Lectionary during Sunday liturgy, which takes us through the biblical narrative chronologically.  From September until Christmas, if you were to attend every Sunday, you will have read and engaged the major turns in the story of the Old Testament.

In addition, we are blessed to have Professor Mark Brummit of Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School to help guide us.  Once a month, in place of our regular worship service SWM will hold a special Supper Liturgy Lecture, in which Prof Brummit will introduce an issue related to the challenges of reading the OT, and then lead a conversation with the gathered community over supper.

Learn more about Mark Brummit here.

Dinner Lecture dates are:

Sept 27th
Oct 25th
Nov 22nd