Mardi Gras + Ashes 2021

+Event Link:

+New Orleans Up North!  

Join us as we bring New Orleans to Boston and Rochester!  Under the direction of the great Greg Woodsbie, guest musicians will set the tone for an immersive experiential collaboration between South Wedge Mission, Grace Community Boston and Stratford Street United Church!

+How to Prepare!

You can fully participate from home!  Here’s what you’ll need:

1.ASHES: A symbol both of mortality and also of death as a gateway to life, here’s a few simple ideas you can try:
-ASHES: scoop up some ashes from your fireplace, firepit, or, anything else you can safely burn – just add a bit of cooking oil or a tiny bit of water to make a paste, and voila!
-SOIL: borrow some potting soil from a houseplant, mud from outside, or other forms of dirt; again, just add oil or a tiny bit of water!
-DOUGH: flour and water, play-dough, clay, or anything else you can make into a paste that will stick to your head for the liturgy!

2.“FAT” COMMUNION: “Mardi gras” means FAT Tuesday, and for communion, we’re going greasy.  While you are welcome to bring traditional bread and wine/juice, you’re also encouraged to bring something delicious in the spirit of the festival!  Beignets, donuts, pancakes, Twinkies, Ho-Hos…whatever helps you celebrate!

3.OPTIONAL: Festive Garb, Mask, Beads, Bright Colors!  Because yes, its about death – and its also about life!